What We Do


In line with our main objectives — to identify worthy role models and use the achievements of these role models as examples to educate the youths that success through genuine labour is more rewarding and fulfilling, Hallmarks of Labour Role Model Awards began in 1997.

We celebrated our first Role Model in the person of late Prof. Thomas Adeoye Lambo, first African Psychiatrist and first Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the 28th of November, 1997. Since then our list of Role Models remains impeccable and faultless, little wonder, that the Hallmarks of Labour Role Model Awards have been described as the most prestigious Awards in Nigeria.


The need to document for the purpose of history, the work of our noble patriots has led to the birth of the Hallmarks of Labour Book Series, which is fast becoming prized reference material for researchers on the life and works of Nigerian contemporary role models.

These books feature role models who have been recipients of the awards. They highlight in details, the achievements of these role models in their chosen fields of endeavour, with emphasis on their integrity, honesty, uprightness and hard work, as the bastion of their exemplary success. The books, which have three subjects (roles models) in each volume are published once a year and presented to the public with great flourish. The aim is to encourage the upcoming youths to emulate these role models.

(Simplified editions)
The books will be sold at subsidized rate to libraries of primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Students will be encouraged to read these books and inculcate in them at an early age, the benefits of hard work, honesty, good citizenship and patriotism.


To improve the quality of life of our people particularly those of the rural minorities, through the provision of high quality education that is accessible to all and relevant to the needs of the society.

To create a platform where individuals and organisations (public and private) desirous of giving back to society can express themselves through the provision of scholarship awards at any level and in any part of the country.


in April 2009 the Foundation presented to 10 widows and a blind man small scale business equipments and various items for trading plus cash gifts as start up capital. i am proud to state here that all our beneficiaries are doing well. we visit them regularly in order too monitor their progress. this year the Foundation expects to increase the number of beneficiaries to this scheme.


we are also proud to say that the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation has successfully commissioned a borehole water project in Jakpa. Warri North Local Govt. Area of Delta State (along the Benin-River). it is sad to state though that this is the only water project in the whole of the Benin River axis, the sad irony of a people who though live on and are surrounded by water yet have no water to drink

In order to sensitize the general citizenry to the ills of corruption, fraud and negative approach to the acquisition of wealth, workshops and symposia are organized periodically throughout the country, where relevant topics will be discussed and given the required publicity.

A quarterly newsletter, publishing of awards of merit, commendations, immortalizaion and special recognition in all works of life in Nigeria and throughout the world; full details of the awards, included. This newsletter is circulated free of charge to all government ministries and parastatals, private companies and individuals throughout the country.

This is the ultimate honour; a hall where the name and photograph of the recipient will be engraved for all time. In time it will become a museum of nation builders; great men and women who have made history, serving as inspiration and providing the much needed national pride and patriotism.

Periodical visits to schools (secondary and tertiary institutions) for the models to act as mentors to students especially in the area of uprightness of character, patriotism and good citizenship. In addition, the video special schools version of the programme “Hallmarks of Labour” is exhibited to the students.