We invite you to join us in partnership by participating as sponsors or co-sponsors of the programme “Hallmarks of Labour”.
“Hallmarks of Labour”, is an acknowledgement of contemporary societal role models in Nigeria, Africa and the black world. The programme is aimed at re-orienting our moral values through character emulation.
The programme, “Hallmarks of Labour” is aimed at:
1. Searching for and identifying Nigerians, Africans and people of the black world who have achieved success through hard work, honesty, integrity and justice in every field of human endeavour.
2. Using the lives of these Role Models and their legacies as examples to educate the younger generations that success through genuine labour is more rewarding and fulfilling.
3. Developing a positive attitude amongst our people especially the youths by encouraging them to discard fraud, dishonesty and greed as a means to success.
4. Documenting the achievements of our noble patriots for the purpose of history.