Hallmarks of Labour, Volume 5


Since the maiden launch of the Hallmarks of Labour book series in 1999, the Publishers and Author have received commendation for their critical contribution to drawing the attention to men and women who have added value to society.

Such responses have strengthened the resolve of the Author in particular to forge ahead with the initiative .

Volume 5 presents another set of eminent Nigerian Role Models, whom contributions in advancing thought and practice in their respective fields of endeavour:

  1. Professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa, NNOM, CON, HLR- Educationist, Administrator, Community Developer and Teacher’s Teacher.
  2. Professor Akinlawon Ladipo Mabogunje, CON, NNOM, HLR- Foremost Geographer, Administrator, Teacher and Author.
  3. Mr. Gamaliel Oforitsenere Onosode, OFR, HLR- A Guru of Banking  Finance and Management, and a committed Pillar of the Church.

Their stories are inspiring an d enriching…


“This book is dedicated to memory of my late mother, Mrs. Matilda Anuko Otuedon.

My loving, hardworking and dedicated mother, who slept in the Lord on June 12,2005, at age of 85 years. By the grace of God, she and my father have raised me to become what i am today. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen” – Patricia Otuedon-Arawore

Mrs. Patricia Otuedon-Arawore
Published by MAHOGANY LIMITED (2009)
Suite A49-64; Ikota Shopping Complex
By Victoria Garden City, Lagos Expressway
Aja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 08100749811 or 014619568

 ISBN 97836232-0-8


In his foreword to Hallmarks of Labour Book 5, Dr. Christopher Kolade attributed the moral and ethical degeneration of the Nigerian society
today, to lack of commitment by its citizens to the ideals of nationhood and asked the question ‘where did we loose our momentum and
how can we regain our direction and civic responsibility?’
“For answers to this we should turn to the lives and times of the three eminent Nigerians featured in Hallmarks of Labour Vol. 5, who have grown up in the traditional Nigerian society transiting into the modern era without loosing focus on their ideals of life and dedication to nation building.
The sections on their family life is almost added as an after thought merely serving to give information of that aspect of their conjugal lives, and yet as we all know for men who have remained married to one woman for as long as all three of the Awardees have done, then it is definitely possible that their wives must have played a significant role in the shaping of their lives as we see it. This fifth volume of Hallmarks of Labour series comes highly recommended to scholars and the general public for it is in studying about the lives of great men and women that we can aspire to lift ourselves above the mundane”.

Dr. Esohe Molokwu

MD/CEO, Haus Bilas Place

A gender, Culture and HIV/AIDS Consultancy

It is a great honour to be called upon to review Hallmarks of Labour, Book 6 not just because of the goals, which the publication seeks to achieve but the eminent and reputable personalities that this volume celebrates. The book is presented in simple and lucid language that even the ordinary man can understand. Like in other volumes, it is an excellent work not because of the stories it carries but by the value.
It is indeed a celebration of living heroes, a book which will have great impact on the lives of people and those aspiring for greatness.
We heartily welcome and recommend the book to all. I am particularly excited about this book because it chronicles the history of some of our personalities and for this reason I am sure that Nigerians are greatly indebted to Patricia Otuedon-Arawore and her Hallmarks of Labour for ensuring that these accounts are documented for posterity. I recommend that everybody owns a copy as they navigate the terrains of life because the book is very inspirational.

Anthony Idigbe

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