Hallmarks of Labour, Volume 2


Dr. Michael Olawole Omolayole, captain of industry and management consultant; Professor Emeritus Umaru Shehu, University administrator and authority on community medicine; Izoma Philip Asiodu, international civil servant and presidential adviser…. The choice for this volume can hardly be faulted.

These are among Nigeria’s nation-builders who have invested their adult lives in the service of their fatherland, contributing positively to societal development in very important areas and capacities.

HALLMARKS OF LABOUR, Volume 2 is undoubtedly in consonance with the tradition of excellence established in both the television programme and with the first volume of the publication series, by the Author, Patricia Dede Otuedon.



“This book is AGAIN dedicated to my lovely daughter Toritse, now 6, and every Nigerian Child of this and future generations.

I pray that they find inspiration from the life and works of any of these Role Models”

Patricia Otuedon Arawore


1. Dr. Michael Olawole Omolayole
2. Prof. Emeritus Umaru Shehu
3. Izoma Philip Chikwuedo Asiodu

By Patricia Otuedon-Arawore

Published by MAHOGANY LIMITED (2001)
Suite A49-64;Ikota Shopping Complex
By Victoria Garden City, Lagos Expressway
Aja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 08100749811 or 014619568

ISBN: 978 – 047 – 767 – 5

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