Onarietta Issabella Remet, a grand-daughter of Pa Ben Odiase – the composer of the Nigerian National Anthem, is Africa’s most famous child painter. Born on the 30th of April, 2004 to professional artist parents Lilian and Pius Remet. Onarietta at the infantile age of 18 months painted the masterpiece “Undefined Reality” a historic expression that initiated the intriques that marked her creative foray into the practice of professional art. A collection of her first 16 paints just before age two were showcased at her first ever exhibition “Creative Link to the Next Generation” at the Nigerian Cultural Centre – Terra Kulture 2006, a show that attracted the very ranks and profile of the Nigerian media and art industry.

This engineered her claim to be the world’s youngest exhibiting artist beein 7 days younger than Trinity Perego of the USA, the then holder of the Guiness Younger Professional Artist record in 2006.

At age two, she held her second national exhibition “The Wonders of a Baby Genius” at DiDi Museum, Victoria Island, Lagos. The show featured the collection of her 102 paintings executed at age two plus. Today, Onarietta, the first of three children, is eight years old, with about 314 original paintings. She held six standard exhibitions, and enjoyed more than 625 media publications in more than 200 nations of the world.

Today, Onarietta’s expertise with computer graphics, modelling and professional photography clearly compliments her stance as a blazing 21st century child model and artist. She is currently working on a graphic project “Onarietta’s 100 Graphic Characters”. Together with her younger sister Onatteni (also a painter), she has had more than sixteen live painting sessions with a great audience attendance.

Onarietta holds a stunning collection of personal photos, graphics and painted works, all of which undoubtedly, sets her apart as a young Nigerian Achiever, an inspiration to her peers and a pride of the nation.