Opeyemi Deborah Sodipe, a third child in the family of four, was born on August 14, 1986 in Ibadan to Mr. and Mrs. Deborah Sodipe, an accoutnant and teacher respectively. She attended Omolara Nursery & Primary School, Ibadan, where she had her First School Leaving Certificate in 1996. From there, she proceeded to King’s International College, Moniya, Ibadan, where she completed her secondary school education in 2002.

Miss Sodipe did not start out altogether as a Whizkid but an incident which took place when she was in JSS3 at King’s Internationa School, Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo State was to change the course of her acedemic life for good. This all happened after a literature test she took and failed woefully. Her infuriated teacher threw her script to her face, abused and called her an “Olodo” (which is an academic non-performer). She was greatly embarrased and wept till she reached home. When she got home and narrated the incidence to her mother who she expected symphaty from rather scolded her as well. She later encouraged her to see her teacher’s action as a wakeup call. She took the advice and started to ecxel, she came top of her class from then until she graduated from secondary school.

Opeyemi gained admission into Babcock University, Ogun State in 2002 to study Information Resources Management, four years later, she graduated top of her class with a bachelor’s degree. She then proceeded to get her Master’s degree in Information Science (M.Inf.Sc.) at the University of Ibadan, between 2007 and 2010. At UI, she excelled again as she emerged the second best graduating student with a score of 69 beaten only by the best graduating student who scored 69.9.

She returned to Babcock University  in 2010 for her Ph.D in Information Resources Management, majoring in Business Information Management, thus becoming a Ph.D holder at the age of 25.

Opeyemi is now an Assistant Lecturer in Babcock University.

Today we celebrate Miss Opeyemi Deborah Sodipe for her great achievement as Nigeria’s Youngest Ph.D Holder. We have no doubt that her story will inspire millions of young Nigerians and give them hope.