Miss Sarah Nwisi – Outstanding Performance in Mathematics

Sarah Nwisi was born on July 13, 2003. She attended Rosebud Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Dame Allan School, Newcastle, UK.

Included in her academic feats and awards are: listing on the Principal’s  Honour  Roll for Years 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011; elected as School Counsellor; various prizes in Mathematics; obtained the GCSE in Mathematics at the age of 8 years; at age 10, finished Top 15 among 10,000 young persons in the ‘Genius Competition in the UK; first student in her elite school’s history to be accelerated from Year 5 to Year 7; the only student in her school to have passed the GCSE in Mathematics and Advanced Level Mathematics; and one of only 15 students in the UK to have passed the GCSE and Advance Level Mathematics at the age of 8.

Sarah has been interviewed by the BBC on her performance in Mathematics even as her profile has been published in such respectable UK newspapers as Sun, Evening Chronicle, Daily Star, and Evening Standard.

Sarah hopes to attend Christ Church College of Oxford University, London to study Medicine, Mathematics or Law.