HLF 22nd Anniversary & Role Model Awards, 2018

From the Executive Secretary

In the 1990s, Nigeria experienced one of its darkest periods. To the outside world, the average Nigerian was a criminal of sorts, subjected to the worst indignities at international ports of entry. The country became a Pariah in the comity of nations even as treasury looters bestrode our landscape with unwholesome life-styles. Thus, people with no visible means of income rode the best cars, lived in mansions and spent money with careless abandon. A wave of negative role models emerged.  Against the backdrop of increasing decay in our moral fabric, dishonest practices and inept management of public affairs by successive governments, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation [HLF] was conceived.

The founders of HLF believe that something had to be done to salvage the image of our country; convinced  that our society boasts exemplary men and women who — against all odds — have embraced hard work and integrity. They are great Nigerians who can match and excel their contemporaries anywhere in the world.


Established in 1996, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation [HLF] has the following aims and objectives:

  • Identify Nigerians, Africans and people of the Black race who have achieved success through hard work, honesty and integrity in their fields of endeavour.
  • Use the achievements of these Role Models to demonstrate to Nigerians that success through genuine labour is rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Nurture a positive attitude among Nigerians, especially the youths, and encourage them to reject fraud, dishonesty and greed as means to success.
  • Help make Nigeria a decent society that attracts a pride of place in the comity of nations.


In the last 22 years, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation has projected hard work and excellence. We have promoted the best of Nigeria through our annual AWARDS to men and women who have made giant strides and value-added contributions to national development through their exemplary life-styles and commendable leadership.

The Foundation has also published several books and aired television documentaries on these great Nigerians to show-case them as role models to the youths and society at large that, indeed, there is dignity in labour. In the process the Foundation continues to give Nigerian Youths a positive choice, and encourage them towards the path of honesty, hard work and patriotism through character emulation.


In 2008, the Foundation began to ‘catch them young’ — to assemble, nurture and groom tomorrow’s leaders, in deference to the reality that investments in human capital is crucial to the sustainable development of our nation. As part of our efforts in this direction, the Foundation inaugurated the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation Scholarship Scheme [HLFSS] for secondary and tertiary institutions. The pilot foci were indigent children of the Niger Delta.

Our pioneer HLF Scholarship recipients [2008-2013] – comprising 104 secondary school students — have completed that level of education, with impressive results. Many of them have gained admission into various universities. In the meantime, 20 of the Foundation’s tertiary students have also graduated.

The Foundation has since taken on another set of 100 JSS students from the 2013/2014, 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic sessions.

In 2012, the Foundation extended its scholarship scheme to its administrative headquarters, Lagos State, with 20 secondary school students from the State’s six districts. Our hosts have provided us an enabling environment these past two decades and we are very grateful. Eko Oni Baje Oooo! O baje ti!


Over the years, the Foundation organized several workshops and symposia at national level and in university campuses to, among other aims:

  • Enlighten the Nigerian public and rekindle awareness of their civic rights & responsibilities as imperatives of national development.
  • Alert governments at all tiers on their responsibilities and accountability to Nigerian citizens.
  • Re-orientate the mind-set of Nigerians and awaken in them the spirit of Nationalism, Patriotism and Loyalty.


The Foundation continues to organize visits to selected primary and secondary schools by Role Models as a form of mentoring for the young ones, particularly in the areas of character formation, dignity in labour and responsible citizenship.


In 2012, the Foundation further extended its focus to talent discovery among young Nigerians. The target group is the 7-26 years bracket, with exceptional/creative abilities portrayed in any field of positive human endeavour, including academics, the arts, science & technology, and sports.  

The project aims to:

  • Mentor the beneficiaries and provide them platforms to realize their potentials.
  • Promote the development of leadership skills.
  • Nurture confident youths positioned to lead the change for a greater Nigeria.

The Foundation celebrated several outstanding young Nigerian achievers and institutions, some of which are: Nigeria’s Overall Best School and the Best Public School in WASSCE from 2011 till date. They are: Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi, Edo State — 2016 and 2014; The International School, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State – 2013; National Presentation High School, Benin City – 2012; Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi, Edo State – 2011; and Air Force Comprehensive School, Agbani, Enugu State — 2011. We are happy to report that the Foundation has also provided a range of Laboratory Equipment and several Computers worth about N2 million to each of those schools.

Similarly, an indigent school — Queen of Apostles Nursery & Primary School, Shinge Lafia, Nasarawa State — received the Foundation’s donation of a bore-hole that ensures the availability of potable water to the staff and students. This has not only boosted their general well-being, but vastly improved the sanitary condition of the premises. The Foundation made a further donation of Desktop Computers to the School to facilitate their ICT competencies.

Hallmarks of Labour Foundation also donated two ultra-modern, fully-fitted & equipped Science Laboratories to the following winners of its annual HLF Secondary School Quiz. They are: Egbokodo Secondary School, Warri South Local Government Area — December 2015 and Ugbuwangue Secondary School, Warri — December 2016. The prizes have enabled the students to undertake the science practicals of the WASSCE in their own comfortable environment. Both Ugbuwangue and Egbokodo Secondary Schools also received a donation of fully equipped Computer Laboratories, inclusive of Desktop computers, accessories and furniture in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

In addition, the Foundation distributed 3,000 past WASSCE  question papers in all subjects to many indigent schools in the Niger Delta.

Other beneficiaries of the Foundations talent discovery are: The Youngest Ph.D. Recipient in Africa [2013] — Dr. Hallowed Oluwadara Olaoluwa; Youngest Ph.D. Recipient in Nigeria [2012] — Dr. Opeyemi Olabisi Temitope and Dr. Opeyemi Deborah Sodipe; Best Student in the WASSCE — Miss Christianah Adeloye [2011] and Mr. Oloruntoba E. Ogunfolaji [2013].


Our Annual Empowerment Scheme, which commenced in 2008, has continued to provide small-scale business equipment, cash and various other items of trading as start-up capital to several widows and the indigent.   

Despite the challenges of topography and terrain, HLF has made positive impact in quite a number of communities in the Niger Delta region. The Foundation commissioned a bore-hole water project in Jakpa, Warri North LGA of Delta State in 2009 — the first, and probably the only functioning bore-hole on the Benin River axis; a sad irony of a people who are surrounded by water and yet have none to drink.




From 2012, the Foundation — in partnership with various organizations – has provided basic medical services to a number of communities in the Niger Delta area. In addition to simple medical tests, communities are enlightened on the implications of diabetes and high blood pressure as well as the essence of good dietary and hygienic practices.  


Twenty-one years ago, on November 28, 1997, we celebrated our first Role Model in the person of Professor Thomas Adeoye Lambo — first African Psychiatrist and first Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organization [WHO]. Today, we have celebrated 50 Role Models – all men and women of impeccable credentials. Indeed, the Hallmarks of Labour role model award is acknowledged as the most prestigious award in Nigeria.

To our award winners, we can only urge you to keep the flag flying.


The Foundation uses this medium to seek support for its on-going projects, especially in the area of funding for the HLF Scholarship Scheme [HLFSS].

We propose to expand the scope of the scheme to include more beneficiaries. We also intend to build a Modern Community Library with on-line facilities in Warri, Delta State. We are also happy to report that the land for this project has already been acquired by the Foundation.

HLF will continue to provide more disadvantaged schools with ultra-modern Science Laboratories with fittings and equipment. It will also undertake the construction of a hostel within the Lekki Shelter for the Homeless; and donate laboratory equipment and Desktop Computers to the Best-Performing School in the WASSCE.

In the medium-term, we aim to erect a Hall of Honour where the names and portraits of all our Award Recipients, HLR, will be engraved. In time also, this Hall will become a museum of nation builders; great men and women who have made history, serving as sources of inspiration and providing the much-needed national pride and patriotism.

To all our partners, we say a very big Thank You even as we look forward to more fruitful relationships in the years to come.

Hallmarks of Labour Foundation welcomes you all to this epoch-making event. We congratulate our worthy Award Recipients, and thank them for their value-added attainments from which Nigeria has greatly benefited. We believe we will all join hands to make a great nation that deserves a pride of place in the comity of nations.

These are the principles on which Hallmarks of Labour Foundation was founded.




With the central theme “Positioning Tomorrow’s Leaders to Achieve their Maximum Potentials”, the Foundation has donated a range of educational equipment and welfare facilities to deserving schools and students in Nigeria. Included here are:

Delta State-Ugbuwangue Secondary School, Warri.

  • Indigent School, 2018.
Fully-equipped Computer Laboratory, Desktop Computers, Accessories and Furniture.
Delta State-Egbokodo Secondary School, Warri, Warri-South Local Government Area

  • Indigent School, 2017.
Fully-equipped Computer Laboratory, Desktop Computers, Accessories and Furniture.
Delta State-Ugbuwangue Secondary School, Warri.

  • Indigent School, 2016.
Ultra-modern Science Laboratory complete with Fittings & Equipment.
Nassarawa State-Our Lady Queen of Apostles Nursery School, Shinge-Lafia.

  • Indigent School, 2015.
  • Provision of Borehole &

Potable Water

  • Desktop Computers.
Delta State-Egbokodo Secondary School,Warri, Warri-South Local Government Area.

  • Indigent School, 2014.
Ultra-modern Science Laboratory complete with Fittings & Equipment.
Edo State-Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi

  • Best-Performing School in the WASSCE, 2014.
Fully-equipped Science Laboratory, inclusive of Desktop Computers &Accessories.
Ogun State-The International School, OlabisiOnabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.

  • Best-Performing Government Owned School in WASSCE, 2013.
  • DeskTop Computers.
  • Cash Gift.
Lagos State-mHallmarks of Labour Foundation Secondary School Scholarship Scheme (HLFSSS)

  • 2012-2018
Twenty Students from the state’s six district
Edo State-National Presentation High School, Benin City.

  • Best-Performing School in WASSCE, 2012.
Fully-equipped Computer Room.
Edo State-Lumen Christi International HighSchool, Uromi.

  • Best-Performing School in WASSCE, 2011.
  • Science Laboratory Equipment.
  • Desktop Computers.
Enugu State-Air Force Comprehensive School,Agbani.

  • Best Public School in WASSCE, 2011.
  • Science Laboratory Equipment.
  • Desktop Computers.
The University of Lagos-Dr. Hallowed Oluwadara Olaoluwa.

  • Youngest Ph.D. Recipient in Africa, 2013.
  • LapTop Computer.
  • Cash Gift.
The University of Lagos-Dr.Opeyemi Olabisi Temitope.

  • Youngest Ph.D. Recipient in Nigeria, 2012.
  • LapTop Computer.
  • Cash Gift.
Babcock University, Ogun State-Dr. Opeyemi Deborah Sodipe.

  • Youngest Ph.D. Recipient in Nigeria, 2012.
  • Laptop Computer.
  • Cash Gift.
Mr. Oloruntoba E. Ogunfolaji.

  • Best Student in WASSCE, 2013
  • Cash Gift.
Miss Christianah Adeloye.

  • Best Student in the WASSCE, 2011.
  • Full Scholarship through University.



22nd Anniversary & Role Model Awards

CATEGORIES                                                      WINNERS

HLF LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                      Hon. Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte

For Exemplary/ Courageous Service to                                   

the Advancement of our Legal System                                    

HLF LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                      Hon. Justice Isa Ayo Salami                                   

For Exemplary/ Courageous Service to                                   

the Advancement of our Legal System                                    

HLF ROLE MODEL AWARD                                               Professor Bolaji Akinyemi

For Outstanding Contributions to

Nigeria’s International Relations  

HLF-EMEKA ANYAOKU                                                 Professor Joy Uche Ogwu


To Nigeria’s Most Outstanding

International Icon

HLF ROLE MODEL AWARD                                               Chief Dr. Onikepo Akande

For Outstanding Contributions to                                             

Corporate Governance

HLF-UMARU SHEHU LIFE-TIME                                     Professor Shehu Galadanci


For Consistent Advocacy for Positive

Change within the University System

HLF ROLE MODEL AWARD                                             Professor Ayodeji Banjo

For Outstanding Contributions to                                                  

the Field of Education.


HLF ROLE MODEL AWARD                                            Professor Olukayode Oyediran

For Outstanding Contributions in                                            

the Field of Medicine.                                                                   


HLF ROLE MODEL AWARD                                            Professor Uche Amazigo   

For Outstanding Contributions to                                            

the Field of Public Health.    


HLF YOUNG ACHEIVERS AWARD                                      Christ the King Catholic College

Best-Performing School in the WASSCE, 2017                           ,Odolewu, Ijebu-ode, Ogun State


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