Hallmarks of Labour Foundation Re-Union Symposium

Central Theme:

Restoring a Tolerant and Value-Driven Society to Nigeria”


Successive governments at the Federal and State levels have arguably failed in the provision of good governance to the generality of the citizenry. In the absence of inspiring leadership and a moral ethos, the wider society has literally degenerated into a state of anomie. Today, the virtues of hard work, propriety, decency, integrity, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence and other platforms to meaningful development do not seem to count for much; thus, leaving our country far short of best practices and their concomitant deliverables.

Over the years, the Foundation has recorded significant strides in the fulfillment of its aims and objectives. Among others, it has continued to identify and project Role Models and Great Nigerians; run a secondary and tertiary education scholarship scheme; organized various for a to discourse and proffer solutions to our developmental challenges.

One of the highlights of the 2017 Re-Union of our Role Models, the Symposium Theme — Restoring a Tolerant and Value-Driven Society to Nigeria — is part of the mission of the Foundation and pertinent to increasing challenges of decay in our moral fabric. The presenters of the main papers and the discussants are not only people who should know, but have been selected mostly from among our Role Models.

Chief Host: Emeritus Professor Umaru Shehu, CFR, CON, HLR Chairman, Board of Trustees, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation.

Chairman: Chief Eleazer Chukwuemeka Anyaoku, GCVO, CFR, CON, HLR.

Moderator: Professor Oladipo Olujumi Akinkugbe, CFR, CON, HLR.

Rapporteur-General: Professor Mrs. Grace Alele-Williams, OFR, HLR.


Retrospective and Prospective Interrogation of the Nigerian State: Way Forward”.

Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, CFR, HLR & Professor Itse Sagay, SAN, HLR.

Re-Positioning Education in Nigeria for Peace and Development”.

Izoma Phillip Asiodu, CFR, CON, HLR & Professor Njidda Gadzama, FAS, OFR, HLR.


Professor Oyewusi Ibidapo Obe, OFR.

Promoting Excellence in a Multi-ethnic SocietyProfessor Akinlawon Ladipo Mabogunje, CON, NNOM, HLR.

The Challenges of Youthhood in Nigeria: Where are the Role Models? Chief Folake Solanke, SAN, CON, HLR

Master of Ceremony

Professor Oyewale Tomori, HLR.

Venue: The Nigerian Institute of International Affairs,

Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

Time: 10:00am

Goodwill Messages From Role Models

It is a special honour to be part of this Re-Union of Patriots as members of the HLF Trustees and Awardees that have immensely dedicated themselves to the service of our great nation – Nigeria — whole-heartedly. I salute you all with a wish of continued God’s blessing and protection.

At the Induction Ceremony of Awardees held on the 22nd May, 2016 in Lagos, I did mention and honour the IDPs for the pains of my people due to evil actions of Boko Haram insurgents in the North-East, particularly in Borno State — my State, by dedicating my HLF Award to them; yet the problem is not attenuated. Even now I wish to use this occasion to further honour a set of capable and committed staff of the University of Maiduguri of blessed memory — Dr.Millitus Joseph Vahbakke [Mineralogy Geologist], Mr. Manaja M. Uba [Geophysicist], Mr. Kunfu Mohammed [Soil Scientist] and Mr. Daniel BirmaIstifanus [Soil Scientist] – who all met their untimely deaths through the iniquitous hands of Boko Haram. We must honour these gallant and patriotic sonsthat have died for the progress and in service of our great nation, Nigeria. May their souls rest in peace; may their efforts not be in vain.

In the recent revered words of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, “Terrorists and criminals must be fought and destroyed relentlessly so that the majority of us can live in peace and safety”. All patriots must say ‘Amen’ to that.

Wishing the participants a very successful and fruitful re-union.



Emeritus Professor N. M. Gadzama, FAS, OFR, HLR

North-East Zonal Biotechnology Centre

University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri.

Goodwill Message

On the occasion of the Re-Union of the laureates of the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation, I wish to congratulate the Board of Trustees, the Management and Staff of the Foundation under the indefatigable Executive Secretary — Mrs. Patricia Otuedon-Arawore — for its outstanding record of achievements over the years.

In its two decades of existence, the Foundation has succeeded in identifying exemplary men and women all over the country who, against all odds, have embraced hard work, honesty and integrity with lofty, enviable achievements to show for it. This has been in an attempt to “salvage the image of the country” and provide to the increasingly youthful population of Nigeria role models to follow. This has been a self-imposed and daunting service and the present situation of nauseating corruption, fraud and injustice in the country shows that the challenges before the Foundation remain formidable and intimidating as ever.

But there can be no recess and no respite. The fight must continue and on this its 2017 Re-Union, one must wish the Foundation more successes in the future in its niche area of endeavour of providing Nigerian youths images of another path to making the country great and its citizens respected everywhere in the world.

1Professor Akin L. Mabogunje, CFR, CON, NNOM, HLR

Oba Olagbegi Road,

Bodija Estate, Ibadan.

Goodwill Message

I congratulate the Founders & Members of Hallmarks of Labour Foundation on the occasion of the 2017 HLF Re-Union.

It is gratifying to me to note the progress achieved so far in promoting the concepts of Hard Work, Honesty, Integrity and Justice as foundations for success in our society and nation. 

There is a critical need, however, to re-dedicate ourselves to the task of encouraging Nigerians to hold on to these precepts in a world where everything seems transient and transactional.  

Our re-union provides a sterling opportunity for us to re-examine the foundations of heroism in everyday life, and for us to find new ways to celebrate not only the outstanding people who bring pride to all corners of Nigeria and abroad, but also to find new ways to reach out to and uplift the spirit of the everyday Nigerian hero and heroine.  

When we recognize the heroic in every decent principle upheld in the face of social decay; when we see the heroic in a person’s willingness to live to high standards in every word and action as a Nigerian; then truly we would have succeeded in fulfilling the ideals and goals of the HLF. 

The journey to fame is long; let us set to work anew, so that Nigeria will one day truly be seen as a hallmark of what a determined and principled people can achieve despite adversity. 

Francesca Yetunde Emanuel [Mrs.], CON, HLR

Retired Federal Permanent Secretary.

Goodwill Message

Dear Patricia,

I was so delighted to read from your e-mail that the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation will be having a Re-Union of its Role Models this year.

I congratulate the Foundation most warmly on this occasion, and you in particular for its achievements which owe so much to your vision, commitment and unflagging drive. The Foundation and Nigerians are very much indebted to you.

God will grant you many more years of life and dedicated service, which you richly deserve.

With warm regards.


Professor Ben Nwabueze, SAN, HLR

Goodwill Message

I warmly congratulate the Board of Trustees, Management and staff of Hallmarks of Labour Foundation [HLF] on the Re-Union of its Role Models. 

From the time the Foundation honoured me for Excellence in Corporate Governance in the year 2011, I have followed its progress with keen interest. A look at its various programmes and activities reveals the Foundations active involvement in the promotion of hard work, integrity & excellence and in the upliftment of the socio-economic well-being of deserving individuals, institutions and communities. 

Accept my best wishes for a memorable Re-Union for the Foundation’s Role Models and more giant strides for the organization. 

Dr.Mrs.NgoziOkonjo-Iweala, CFR, HLR

Former Managing Director of The World Bank.

Former Two-Time Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic.

Former Co-ordinating Minister of the Nigerian Economic Management Team.

Former Minister of Interior of the Federal Republic.

Chair of the Board, Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization [GAVI], Geneva.

Goodwill Message

On behalf of the Governing Board of Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy & Development, I congratulate the Chairman, Executive Secretary and the entire Board of Trustees of Hallmarks of Labour Foundation for the Re-Union/Symposium 2017.

I feel profoundly proud to be associated with this important and timely programme, which I am honoured to be a proud recipient. Please recall that, this esteemed Foundation bestowed on me the HLF Life Time Achievement Award for Nigeria’s most Outstanding International Icon on Sunday, 29th May, 2016.

There is, indeed, urgent need to promote honesty, hard work, and integrity through character emulation and to recognize accordingly those that have distinguished themselves so that the efforts of our heroes past and present will never be in vain.

Accept once again, my warmest felicitations and best wishes not only to the Board of Trustees but to all of us that remain proudly associated with HLF.

Professor Ibrahim AgboolaGambari, OCORT, CFR, HLR


Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy & Development (SCDDD).

Goodwill Message

I congratulate you most sincerely on the HLF Re-union incorporating a symposium titled: “Restoring a Tolerant and Value-Driven Society to Nigeria”. This is an important milestone in the excellent work that the organization is doing in this context.

As we join you in this well-deserved celebration, we wish you God’s continued guidance and protection always.

With kindest regards and best wishes.

Professor Joe O. Irukwu, SAN

Goodwill Message

On this occasion of the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation Re-Union, I am very pleased to join in very warmly congratulating the Chairman, Emeritus Professor UmaruShehu, CFR, CON, HLR; the Board; and the Executive Secretary, Mrs. Patricia Otuedon-Arawore, for all their hard work to sustain the Foundation over the past twenty years.

The situation in Nigeria today is, if anything, more challenging and threatening than when the HLF was founded in 1996. Therefore, much still needs to be done to begin to achieve the main objective of HLF which is to help change the mind-set of the average Nigerian and to make him embrace again the core values of discipline, honesty, hard work, patriotism, and public-spirited service in order to make Nigeria a happier and united country well-respected in the world.

HLF rightly seeks to demonstrate through the projection to the public of the history of the lives and careers of its Role Models that any Nigerian willing to make the effort can reach or surpass the achievements of role models recognised so far, and contribute significantly to making Nigeria great.

HLF needs to be empowered to increase & promote its activities and extend the audience for its publications so as to achieve greater impact. This we should all bear in mind as we dialogue on this occasion. I pray that many more of our citizens will support and sustain the Foundation to achieve its goals.

I look forward to a very productive and successful symposium.

Izoma Philip C. Asiodu, CFR, CON, HLR.

Former Federal Permanent Secretary.

Chairman, Medife Limited.

Goodwill Message

That for 20 years, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation has been in existence, promoting — without publicity and fanfare — the values of discipline, integrity and high quality education at all levels, is really inspirational.

Nigeria is long overdue for fostering human-centred political and social development paradigms whereby its citizens are the focus of the social, political and human development which leads to universal human development and security.

This will certainly make our dear country, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, become a polity which is greater than the sum of its parts.

May the good Lord continue to bless you and use the Hallmarks of Labour Foundation.

God bless Nigeria!

Professor Adebayo Adedeji, CFR, HLR

Former Executive Secretary

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.


We are profoundly grateful to your organization for its philanthropic gesture and recognition of excellence.

We also use this medium to commend the laudable initiative of your Foundation towards promoting excellence among Nigerian students. We are most grateful for the 10 computers which your organization donated to our institution in recognition of its brilliant performance.

Enclosed herewith is a cheque of N100,000 [One Hundred Thousand Naira only] to help pay the fees of indigent students and lend a helping hand to the good work your organization is doing.

We encourage you to keep this flag flying, as we look forward to another opportunity to benefit from your kind gesture.

Thank you.

Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Uchendu, SSH


National Presentation High School, Benin City.


On behalf of the Proprietor, Staff & Students of Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi, we hereby express our profound gratitude to the Management & staff of your esteemed Foundation for the recent recognition and award we received at your 20th Anniversary.

We are indeed very grateful for that wonderful presentation of the new set of computers. The school promises to put them into proper use alongside the existing ones in our ‘Computer Laboratory’ to further enhance the knowledge of her students and staff alike, in line with the ever-increasing advancement in technology. We are certainly convinced that posterity will never forget all your contributions to encourage hard work, resuscitate our dying educational system and give hope to the less-privileged ones within Nigeria.

We encourage your noble Foundation to keep on with her good works to posterity without wavering as we sincerely pray that the good Lord will continue to reward, strengthen and bless you all in your vision and mission in all ramifications. Amen.

Rev. Fr. Dr.Theophilus Itaman