About Us


In the 1990s, Nigeria experienced one of its darkest periods; our reputation in the League of Nations was at its lowest ebb. To the outside world, the average Nigerian was a criminal of sorts.  At international ports of entry, we were subjected to the worst indignities. Nigeria became a Pariah in the comity of nations even as treasury looters bestrode our landscape with unwholesome life-styles. Thus, people with no visible means of income rode the best cars, lived in mansions and spent money with careless abandon. A wave of negative role models emerged.  Against the backdrop of increasing decay in our moral fabric, dishonest practices and inefficient management of public affairs by successive governments, Hallmarks of Labour Foundation [HLF] was conceived.

The founders of HALLMARKS OF LABOUR FOUNDATION  believe that something has to be done to salvage the image of our country; convinced that our society boasts exemplary men and women who — against all odds — have embraced hard work and integrity.
They are great Nigerians who can match and excel their contemporaries anywhere in the world

Our Objectives are:

  1. Searching for and identifying Nigerians, Africans and people of the Black race who have achieved success through hard work, honesty, integrity and justice in every field of human endeavour.
  2. Using the achievements of these Role Models and their legacies as examples to educate Nigerians that success through genuine Labour is more rewarding and fulfilling.
  3. Developing a positive attitude among Africans especially the youth, and encouraging them to discard fraudulence, dishonesty and greed as means to success.
  4. Helping in making Nigeria a decent society, that deserves the respect of other nations of the world, thereby enhancing investment and tourism.
  5. Documenting the achievements of our noble patriots for the purpose of history